Strange Vacation is thoughtful fashion.
We take our time because we care...
About quality over quantity. 
About creating timeless product. 
About streamlined design and minimalist collections. 
We take time so you don’t have to. 
Because we know you have more important things to worry about.
We believe the most valuable thing in life is time, so we don’t intend to waste ours or yours by clogging your feed, your inboxes or your wardrobe. 
We intend to provide only what allows you to move forward in life with ease, confidence and style.
Don’t expect us to follow a seasonal fashion calendar. We aren’t going to create product simply because someone decided every season requires a new collection. Don’t expect us to throw out the old when we bring in the new. Our pieces are classics — thoughtfully designed and constructed to be worn, and to withstand the wear and tear of an adventure filled life.
Expect us to surprise you. 
Expect an invitation to strangeness, and excitement.
Strange Vacation is here to create bold apparel for the unique and timeless individual.
We sincerely hope that our collections will empower you and bring you joy.