In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we are donating 25% of our sales to The Warrior Women Project. We strongly believe in giving back to this community we have taken so much from and we do so with love, compassion & respect.

Why the Warrior Women Project? Strange Vacation is a female owned brand that exists in a world dominated by male owned motorcycle brands. We find strength when women stand together. We have a tremendous amount of admiration for the women who built The Warrior Women Project, their struggles, strengths and perseverance as well as their desire to educate others about the true heritage of the Native American Community.

"The Warrior Women Project is an innovative collaboration of scholarship, media, and activism that seeks to provide a forum for the Warrior Women of the Red Power Movement and current indigenous activists to tell their stories in their own words for the benefit of future generations. We recognize women as history makers in their own right and as keepers of rich cultural traditions. The stories of these relatives, organizers, activists, thinkers, and community leaders cannot and should not be left absent from the modern history of indigenous peoples.

As an indigenous women’s collective organized around the principle that the past and present are interconnected in the indigenous worldview, we believe that knowledge leads to action. Our mission is to ensure the informed future of Indigenous Nations by empowering the leadership and solutions of Native women through culturally relevant research and outreach programming.

Warrior Women was founded in the same tradition of ancestral Native women’s societies that led to the 1978 historic establishment of Women of All Red Nations (WARN). This is a tradition in which women worked together in gender-specific groups to address an issue that fell within their sphere of responsibility as cultural caretakers. In our case, Warrior Women came together to find contemporary methods of passing on vital cultural information being lost due to intergenerational historical trauma and the persistent impact of colonization." ~ Excerpt from The Warrior Women Website.

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If you aren't currently interested in any of our product you can donate directly on The Warrior Women Website.