Our Partners

Our products are made to be used and misused, built for anything and everything, designed for the things you can control but especially for the ones you can’t. That’s why we work with manufacturers who understand that Strange Vacation is as much about where you go as how you get there.


Proving that the long way beats any shortcut, Massachusetts-based Vanson produces custom, heirloom-quality leather garments that blend old world craftsmanship with uncompromising function and modern design. Beginning with the careful selection of a top quality hide, every Vanson leather undergoes a secret tanning, waxing, and finishing process to ensure its durability and protectiveness before being transformed into a hand-sewn, individually crafted jacket that’s ready for the road. As part of this commitment to craft, Vanson also offers repair and refinishing services, providing both timely maintenance and a lifetime record for each garment.




Experience is the best teacher. And after almost a century in the knitwear game, Columbiaknit’s textiles are a testimony to its well-earned expertise and enduring legacy. Based in Oregon, Columbiaknit obsesses its craft down to every last detail, producing garments that offer the right balance of protection and comfort, warmth and freedom, sturdiness and softness—ready for every season and all conditions.




Drawing on a tradition that spans three-generations, Settlemier puts as much pride in its jackets as they hope customers take in wearing them. Honoring the classic letterman varsity jacket, Settlemier cuts, sews, knits, and embroiders every jacket in-house, using a combination of premium, locally milled wool melton, cow-hide leather, and 100% wool knit. The result is a reminder that pride is something that’s better off earned than given.